America, the Beautiful I: Maybe there was a reason to fear Y2K

by — March 25, 2005 (Comments)

Seeing through people is not one of my strong traits, at least it wasn’t until 2000. All of the catastrophes that were directives to the population New Year’s Eve 2000 never happened. We only had to wait 9 months for the birth of a Supreme Court appointing a U.S. president by disallowing votes from one state.

Does the majority rule? My professor said the majority always rules. Where is he now? I could rewrite my paper and prove to him that the majority does not rule. Money rules.

Is there a Global Plan wherein two of the most influential and wealthy families are controlling our future? In researching the Internet, it appears that this is a truism. Our presidents have been following this Plan for centuries. It is only recently that we, the people, are able to become aware of this ideology.

Who is in charge? The companies have become global and are outsourcing their most precious resource, our jobs. Along with the workforce that is being outsourced, is the cornerstones of this county: morality, ethics and values. We, the people, built a proud, moral, ethical and steadfast country. Giving away these values will bring down this country to a level we may not want.

The everyday interaction with people from different countries has taught me that we are very different. People come here from other countries because they hate us and want to bring us down and we are allowing that to happen because of the goodness toward others that is built into the fabric of our beliefs. We are a trusting society and in that trust, we do not see what is really happening to us and how our country is changing. I believe we are losing the very moral fiber that our country was founded upon. Is it a good thing to change the morals and values this country was founded upon because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? Wouldn’t you raise your children guiding them in the truth of morals and values for their welfare as well as your own beliefs? The world is changing, in ways you need to be aware of in order to hold fast to what you believe in and not change with it.

Respect for our country globally is waning. Our country has been #1 in the world in many ways. Today we are considered a bully and intolerant of other countries and the people living in those countries. To that extent other countries want to control us and lead us in another direction. In doing so, they are buying our land, our businesses and even our children. They are buying us with their money, with their infiltration of our people (to influence and terrorize) and teaching our children through our school books. A history of the U.S. today has been changed in the school books and is not the same as in the mid-20th century. Has our past history changed? I don’t think so. Check and see what the focus of the past history is being taught to our children today? What is taught in the schools today will change their future.

Our stock market began its downward trend after January 1, 2000. By July 2001 it was dangerously low. This is easy to forget because of the anti-climax of 9-1-1. Did it rebound? It has rebound but not to the prior highs. Therefore, our finances are in a perpetual down cycle allowing only the wealthy to gain.

It’s alright for owners to steal from the company, so what if people’s pensions are at stake. Where did that come from? Where is the respect, morals and values of the organizations that we, the people, trust, depend on and commit to. How has this become the way to do business? What business principles are we teaching our future generations and each other? How does this reverberate throughout the world’s view of our business community? Are we viewed as evil? Is our word to be trusted? How does the world treat a country that displays no ethics or moral qualities? It is vital that we all keep high morals and values and that we display them in all we do and say.

Many of today’s sports leaders (with the exception of NASCAR) are based on unethical use of substances that were not present in the past. The records of these leaders should be voided when such unethical (and sometimes illegal) practices are found to have been used. The appearance is presented that it is ok to use unethical substances to get ahead – what will our children do if they see that this practice goes unpunished? Be careful whom your children revere. It could reverberate detrimentally on their future and subsequently on yours.

We can hate the practices and guide the people toward correcting their mistakes. I understand that in most instances we have no control over what the courts and government do. However, we still have a voice and our ethics and morals to guide us in all that we do to make the changes that need to be made so that this country is one we can be proud of, support and love. Our children need the balance of right and wrong and the reward and punishment thereof. Rewarding a wrong is never acceptable. Do not be afraid if your teachings go against society. If they are to be practiced, they need to be taught.