Authors are to me like rock stars are to my children. Authors send me their books for review. I am so flattered. I review them differently than a reader would because I also write. I write Young Adult and Middle Grade. Although when my first granddaughter was born, I wrote a picture book for her. When I write, ideas come to me but more importantly my characters talk through me. They come alive in my stories. I write from the experience of having lived many years in many different places. People are different and yet they are the same. We are born, we grow, we live, we love, we laugh and most importantly as a writer we share.

Writing is a gift, use it wisely. I also tell my story in pictures. I daily walk and take many pictures that will tell a story about my being in this world. You can see what is important to someone by the pictures they take.

I draw and paint. . . weekly. I want to get back to the art I had captured in my younger years.