Ozzy Osbourne - Who's your hero?

by — Nov. 28, 2004 (Comments)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are going through a health crisis right now. I watched their TV show and thought what a couple. They went through so much and came out on top. Then disaster strikes. At one time or another disaster strikes all of us. The way they handle the crisis will show their mettle.

Who has not made serious mistakes in their life? We all do at one point in our life or another. We don’t always know the consequences until we have to pay them. Young and healthy, we believe that we are indestructible until we really mess up our lives or a curve ball is thrown at us. How we handle these curve balls is what makes us who we are.

Not everyone has abused alcohol and drugs. However, coming out on the other side clean and sober is a very difficult and trying experience and not everyone will be successful or be able to put the pieces of their lives back together. I believe Ozzy and Sharon have done that.

I see a loving family who makes all the same mistakes we all do in trying so hard to raise teenagers. I see tragedy dealt with in an adult way:

A positive attitude. Loving and caring family. The conscientious effort to stay clean and healthy. A good work ethic.

The Osbournes tell their story through their daily life as shown on TV. They show success and experience from their mistakes and a positive attitude toward life second to none.

Do I want to be just like them? No, but to have an understanding that you can work things out and believe that you are the best no matter what others judgment of you is helps me be the best that I can be.

We all make mistakes but that doesn’t make us bad people. As we work through our mistakes and threats to our health and well being, we can see that no matter what life throws us, we can be the best that we can be. Success is just a word until you do something about it. A positive attitude helps you see outside the box and appreciate life and your part in life becomes much easier to handle. Life is never easy and all of the curve balls it throws us are sometimes more than we think we can bear. However, if we utilize our experiences and keep a positive attitude and believe we are the best, we can overcome these difficulties, learn from them, and be an inspiration to others.

We all have to learn lessons. We all have to pay the consequences of making mistakes. We all have to make decisions that can be positive or detrimental to our lives. We know deep inside ourselves what the right decisions are but are we willing to sacrifice in order to make those decisions. Sacrifice is necessary. With the ads and promos today telling us what we NEED, when we know it’s not necessarily what we need, but what we WANT, strikes a chord in us that needs to be addressed. We need to know and understand the difference between what we need, not necessarily what we want. Want is good, it shows us what is possible, but we need to know ourselves first to know if what we want is the best thing for us, or if what we need is enough.

Lessons to Learn from Others The Osbournes have plenty of money, they worked hard to have what they have and to be where they are today. We, on the other hand, need to realize that what we have may be as much as or more than what the Osbournes have. We don’t have the $1 million home to upkeep, we have our own household expenses, we don’t need that kind of money for our household upkeep. Comparatively, we may have as much as they do. Be happy with what you have and enjoy it to the fullest. Yes, that’s easy to say! Especially when you are looking at something you need that costs what looks like a fortune such as a car. But look at it realistically, can you satisfy your need with a used car and be just as happy because now you can afford something else you need? Check out the results of your findings and make the decision for yourself not what everyone else is doing or what would impress someone else. Someone else is not living your life and is not as involved as you think they are. They would like you to believe that they make their decisions about you based on what you have. Only you can decide if you want to impress someone who is not involved in your life or if you want to have more in your life, make that decision to buy less expensive and to enjoy what you already have. How many ‘things’ did we all buy over the years that aren’t being used, laying in a closet, or just not our style anymore? Oh, we really were enthused and used for a ‘short’ while, but not long enough to have gotten our monies worth from buying it. Ask yourself some really hard questions about your lifestyle (would you really change it for good if you bought this product), the retail cost vs. buying it later at a reduced cost (or second-hand, wherein you will know if you are still enthused over it). Waiting has never been a strong point, the ads and promos push us to make decisions immediately (don’t wait), when what we really need to do is take control of our lives. We don’t need to give over our decisions to ads and promos that really don’t know who we are and what we need, but do prey on what we ‘think’ we want and the decision must be made immediately (get your credit card out). Be aware of who you are and what they are really trying to do (sell their product, if you don’t buy immediately, they’ve lost you) and YOU will be in control of your life.

Another lesson to learn from the Osbournes is that healthy is better. Sacrifice your craving for junk food and become a connoisseur of making your own healthy fast food. There are many Internet sites and good cookbooks that will enable you to put together a healthy way to live. Stop reaching for snacks that will up your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar. It takes a sacrifice to conscientiously seek out the right foods and recipes and to make those healthy snacks and meals, but in the long run, you will be healthy long into your golden years. One-step-at-a-time. Don’t expect to do it all in a day, in a week, in a month, you have a busy schedule, as the rest of us do. Make a plan and do one or three things everyday toward this goal.

One example: a quick snack to take to work that will stay with you for awhile. Celery sticks with a bit of cheese (remember these from past parties?). I put them in a baggie (messy, but good) or a plastic container. A much better snack then chips, cookies or M&Ms.

As for exercise, just do it! I know, I know, hard – hard – hard to find time to actually exert yourself toward that goal. At least for me it is. Angry while driving, use the dashboard to push against and pull your tummy in. Does wonder for breathing, for anger management and for your body while waiting for those interminably long stoplights. Don’t forget to stretch, touch the ceiling of your car and push. Punch the air in front of you (don’t hit the windshield) as if your are boxing. Clench your fists and pump your arms up and down fast (each side of steering wheel) as if you are milking a cow!!!!

Don’t forget the love of your family and friends. They are the raison d’etre and you theirs. Be good, be kind and be loving. They make sacrifices to put up with us. Someday they won’t be there or we won’t and what memories do you want to leave behind for them.

Life is a sacrifice for what we need to be. I say sacrifice because, usually we have to do things we either don’t want to do at the time, or that we are to lazy to do or we just don’t want to go out of our way to do. It can wait until tomorrow. But what if tomorrow doesn’t come because we waited too long to do the very things that would give us more tomorrows. Time goes by much too fast and unless we stop and just DO IT for ourselves, it will have slipped away and we won’t be healthy enough to enjoy those later years, those tomorrows.

Ozzy and Sharon have been inspiring and I believe they will continue to inspire tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. And if not, well, we all make mistakes, but they handle it with a positive, loving outlook. We all need to be reminded of these lessons.