How to keep from getting fired

by — Sept. 16, 2000 (Comments)

Being hired for the job was one thing. Learning and trusting my immediate co-worker was another matter. She happened to be like no one I had ever worked with in my 40 years of experience. Not only that, but she had the power to make or break my employment. Since I was entering into a new field, with new co-workers and a different atmosphere, I was apprehensive about what to expect or what to do about the situation.

She was much younger, no problem; much more aggressive, no problem; patient and a teacher, no problem, however, it was her different personality. She had me puzzled. I had to learn about her and quickly. No one really talked about themselves at this place; it was up to me to ascertain exactly who she was.

My daughter was concerned about my befuddlement and made a suggestion. She studies the science of graphology. She informed me that she could do a reading of this gal’s handwriting. I would then be able to coordinate my work habits because I would know about this person right away. At this point I was willing to give it a try. As everyone knows, when you start a new job, you can be out the door in a second.

I began gathering the handwriting samples. My daughter began a reading of them for me. She told me all about her. If I hadn’t known that she suppresses emotional responses, was undemonstrative and detached, I would have thought she, either didn’t like me or, would sabotage me because she was intent on shoving me out the door. This was not the case. I learned to read her distancing as just part of her personality. Once I had that understanding, working together with her became semi-personal. She was very aloof. If I mentioned anything personal about myself she asked me not to, nor did she share anything personal about herself. This was exactly what the graphology reading interpreted. This job was in a totally different field and I didn’t have to guess what was going on. The graphology readings worked beautifully.

In addition to my co-worker, the boss was also a totally different type of person. Fortunately, my co-worker had been with him at least a year prior to my employment and she handled him brilliantly. She knew what to do for him and when to do it. I relied on her capable judgment of his wants and needs and was able to trust her completely. This was necessary because he was so unpredictable.

I began gathering his handwriting for a reading also. One of the points of interest in his handwriting revealed that he was totally attuned to colors. For example, if someone wore black, he treated them badly, but if they wore red, he was their best friend. After that revelation, my observation of the situation proved accurate and my subsequent use of dressing in colors made things a bit more tolerable.

The graphology information is based on a science handed down through the years. It was amazing to me how accurate my daughter’s readings were without ever meeting or knowing the people involved. Graphology appears to be a lost art, but it helped give me an understanding of my co-workers and my boss, which enabled me to have the patience needed to deal with his constant crisis situations and the hectic workplace and not become too stressed. As I look back over my career path, I wish I’d had this knowledge in many of my past positions. It is one way to keep a job and have the patience and perseverance to handle any situation with aplomb.