Be careful, it could change your world

by — Aug. 30, 2000 (Comments)

Watching TV and reading could change your world in ways you cannot even imagine.

Over the weekend, I saw a beautiful painting but was unable to buy it for some reason that was elusive to me. When I arrived home, I realized that it was because of a book I had read.

Did you ever go to a movie that left such an impression in your mind that when you came out, you walked and talked a little differently because of the impact the character made on you? You liked the character so much that it filled your mind and your thoughts. We are molded by what we see and hear. We want to take some of the characteristics from the movie/character we have seen. That’s how we become a bit different. We take in things we like.

The art show I had recently attended had paintings that were offered for $20 a piece. Not a bad deal! I found several paintings that would decorate my new place admirably. However, one of the most beautiful and serene paintings showing a late 18th century mother and her two children walking toward the ocean and a light house in the background brought to mind a book I had read for a college class. This book was a classic by Kate Chopin. The book was an excellent learning tool, however, it left an indelible impression upon my mind. The main character, an 18th century woman with a husband and children, was going through an awakening period in her life. By the end of the book, she could not handle her life and the choices she had made so she walked into the ocean and drowned, leaving her husband and children. The painting reminded me of the ending of this book and the sadness that it imparted to me turned me from that beautiful painting. If I had not read the book, I would have bought the painting because it would have meant something beautiful and wonderful.

This episode made me think aware that everything we see and hear becomes a part of us good or bad. We may think we can control how we think about something, but once it is engraved in the fiber of our being, our choices are limited and our vision clouded. Choosing what we read and what we watch on television should be screened carefully. Nothing gets by our brain and our interpretation of it.

We must remember children’s minds are more impressionable. We must be very careful what we allow them to watch on television, the video games we allow them to play and the books they read. Children’s minds are so impressionable. We should keep in mind that the slightest violence, bad language or character portrayal should send up a red flag. This is not how we want our children to be influenced. Children like to try on different characteristics too. They are in the process of becoming more so than adults. The difference is that children do not have all the concepts of right and wrong yet. That’s why they are children. They still need moral and ethical guidance. It is up to the parents to provide that guidance, not the teachers. These are our children and we must protect and guide them.

This is not an easy responsibility, but necessary, unless we want the outside world to influence our children. It is our responsibility to guide our beautiful children is ours. Make a plan to guide the children, keeping in mind that if we don’t, someone else will. Remember, no one else has our child’s best interest in mind. Corporations and the media are only interested in the bottom line at the expense of our children. They go to great lengths to make a plan to capture our children. How can we not go to greater lengths to make a plan and bring about the nurturing of our children? The choice and responsibility is yours.