New Year's Resolutions: Use a chalkboard

by — Dec. 31, 2000 (Comments)

I am sure that the reason people don’t make New Year’s resolutions, is that they haven’t kept to them in the past and why should they do it again and be disappointed.

However, I suggest that you make New Year’s Resolutions on a chalk board so that you can change, add and enhance those resolutions to hone them into who you want to be and what you want to do. STOP neglecting your passion. GO FOR IT!


  1. Health

    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Check up
  2. Family

    • Determine to see more of them
    • Remember the important dates (birthdays, anniversaries)
    • Friends are like family (see above)
  3. Love life

    • Determine if you want one at this time
    • Go where you can meet the right person for you: church, sports, friends introductions, your hobbies, and etcetera
    • If you have one, determine that, “time is short and this is the most important person in my life and I should treat them as if I will lose them tomorrow.”
  4. Career

    • Is my job that important? If so, GREAT, if not, what will you lose from living your principles? And following your goal/dream?
    • Am I doing my passion? If not, start out on weekends and plan during the week to do your passion.
    • No matter what it is, what will it hurt?
    • Check everything out carefully and fully (step by step) and GO FOR IT!
    • You are responsible for you, no one else, just YOU.

Just a few ideas to put up on that chalk board and refine as time goes on. Resolutions aren’t just for New Year’s if you haven’t quite got that message. Resolutions are for YOU and should be what you want and what you want to be. Who are you? Do you want to be the REAL you? GO FOR IT!

If you have to take a class or two, or if you have to change your lifestyle, wardrobe, job, friends, you can do it, whatever you want to do, you CAN do it.

If you are not doing it now, and won’t do it tomorrow, you don’t really want to do it. You need to ask yourself, why do you think you want to be something you aren’t willing to make a sacrifice to do? If it is your passion, there won’t be any questions. You will begin at this very moment. If you think you want to do something, and aren’t willing to sacrifice, you won’t do it. Think about it.

My daughter reminded me of something she wrote which I would like to share:


Life Is Not A Rehearsal
You should go for everything
You don’t get a second chance
It is like a one-way trip
Dress nice
Go on all the rides
If you play it right,
It is like a rollercoaster
And it just doesn’t end
Make the most of it
You can put things off
You can say,
“Maybe I should do this.
Maybe I should do that.”
But usually it backfires
Ten to fifteen years later
You are wondering
Why you didn’t give it a shot
Life Is Not A Rehearsal!
Go for it!
Have a good time!
Don’t hurt anybody!
Don’t hurt yourself!
© 1995 Tambra Wilcox