Problems: Just a word

by — Jan. 19, 2001 (Comments)

PROBLEMS, is just a word, it’s what you make of them. We all have them. What do we do with them? I suggest we put them in a box and let God hand them out when we are ready. There is no use worrying about them, which one comes out and what we’ll do with them because our circumstances will change by that time and we’ll have to do something else other than what we worried about.

Get strong. The stronger we get the less those things in the box will be come problems; they will just be Piccadilly’s.

Strength equals a broader outlook, a positive mindset, patience and love.

The wonder of the world is ours if we choose to accept it. The most important people in our lives try our very soul, yet loves us to unimaginable depths. It’s in the forgetting that love that we stumble.

For example, if we are on the phone to a most important friend or family member and our child comes up to us and wants our attention. Do we stay on the phone? He needs to be taught patience. Do we get off the phone? Or do we keep talking and wait until later. How many times do we wait until later? What was done to us in our past? That is usually what we do. Do we want to change that pattern or do we want to continue to ignore our child? Remember, we take a chance of missing something special with our child.

Chances. We all need them. We all need to forgive and give someone another chance. Chances are risks, but they are also forgiveness. No one you love should be shut out.

We need to determine what is most important to us and follow our heart. Sometimes that is very hard to do. However, in our heart, we know what is truly important to us. Whatever anyone else thinks is always best for them, not you. It is not in our best interest, nor should it be. We need to think and do what is best for us, but also for the important people in our lives.

What is most important to you? Only you know that and that is what you should do. Don’t be afraid to do what is important to you and don’t worry that it is wrong.

Did someone wrong you? You don’t have to feel that it is wrong forever. Forgive and go on. You will not forget, however, you can strive to be strong and know in your heart that what you are and what you do is right for you. Only you can know that.

Help is just a prayer away.