My state of affairs

by — Jan. 13, 2001 (Comments)

Responsibility is a big factor and everyone (including companies) needs to be aware of factors in their world that may be hurting them.

I live in a state where the power company has made a huge mistake. They were in the process of buying another company and pulled out for some reason. Therefore, it was a large economic loss. I have recently learned that my power bill will be raised to compensate for this huge economic loss. Where does it say that a power company can make a mistake and make me pay for it? How does it happen that if I make a huge financial mistake, I am unable to ask you to pay for it? I do not understand this picture.

I live in a state where I have been disenfranchised by the federal government. I no longer have the freedom to vote (and have it count), I can no longer believe that this is a country where a democratic decision by the highest court in the land will be made on behalf of the majority of the population, and the freedom of speech, well I guess we’ll have to see about that one. I am not saying this is not the best country in the land, or that this is a terrible state, only that the things that have happened should set off warning bells to all citizens.

I live in a state where the water restrictions apply, because the water district made a mistake and lowered the lake too much. However to make a point, instead of just having restrictions, the water district is going to also lower the pressure. This is an atrocity to people who cannot afford to live in a modern world. It is an irresponsible act in that it does no good to do something like that except cause people frustration and too much of their precious time. My house is older. Therefore, the fixtures do not work the same, as new and modern fixtures should. For example, I will have to take the time to draw a bucket of water in order to use the bathroom facilities. I will have to fix and or repair appliances that work with water but that will be strained from the process of trying to obtain the water. Where is the sense in this?

I live in a world where the long distance company is giving me a great deal. Two months later, they raised the monthly charge. When did they tell me they were going to do that? I received a call from another long distance company, but they were so obnoxious and horrendous that no matter how much less they were, I would never have them as my carrier. Incidentally, because of that obnoxious person, I now hang up on ALL telemarketers. In the past, I totally understood they have to make a living too and would be patient with them, but because of this one young man and his harassment and militant tactics, I will never listen to another telemarketer.

I work two to three jobs in order to make a living, where will I get the time to take care of this water problem or the funds to pay for the power company’s mistake. I make mistakes daily that are costly and have to realize that I have a loss on these. However, I cannot pay for everyone’s mistakes too. Responsibility has to be taken by companies, just as we have to take responsibility for our mistakes. In addition, I cannot vote for a candidate that could help us solve this problem. I am not sure what the answers are, but I know I was taught to stand on my own two feet and accept responsibility for my actions. I am falling more behind than ever. How in the world can I take care of the world? It’s hard enough taking care of my own backyard.