The Writing Life II: Treat your writing as a business

by — Feb. 1, 2001 (Comments)

Here is a list of more ideas to infuse into your brain for organization in your writing. This month is February and you need to plan to submit these articles in September/October. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine February in September/October. As I previously mentioned, the articles cannot be date relevant, although closer to October, you can write a few that would pertain to that year, etc. and put it with your repertoire of February articles.

Your editorial calendar for February:

  1. Romance

a. Think pink or red and heart shaped. b. Engagements and Weddings c. Travel – Engagement and honeymoon.

  1. Weather

a. There is still during this month as in January very little sunshine in some states. Health becomes a factor b. This is still relevant: Weather (cold climate or sunny warm climate) how do people handle their situations?

  1. Sports

a. Sports: During this month Car racing season begins!

  1. Black History month

  2. Presidents days

  3. Write about your favorite celebrity, painter, musician, or historical event on the birth date of that event/person.

  4. Don’t forget the children – they love the valentines cards exchanged, the “candies” with the sweet sayings and cookies.

  5. And last but not least, don’t for get your local hero/heroine.

  6. Another perspective of Valentines Day, those of us who are alone in the world! Or facing it for the first time. Do a comparison, what does valentines day mean to someone who is alone, busy with children, in love for the first time, or celebrating 60 years together with a collage of pictures.

Organization is keeping a notebook for each month. You could keep three, one for new projects and one for projects that are currently circulating and one for published. The third notebook can be brought out and recycled. You will always know what you wrote about, when you wrote it and for whom you wrote it.

There should always be a page that you write the name of the article, what it’s about, and the date you sent it out and to whom. Then if you receive feedback and/or publication that note can be added and you have a complete history of each article. Of course the amount of postage and any long distance phone calls are deductible, see your accountant for the whole story.

Anytime you interview someone, or do an historical article, that article or interview may be appropriate for another month, you may only get the opportunity at that time and save it for the appropriate month in that particular folder. This also helps in case you have dry spells.

I feel I need to remind you that fads and/or the hot topic today may not be relevant by October for the February issue. A friend of mine is an author of a number of books and her friend writes articles. She asked him how he freelances. He told her he put out 12 articles for print at a time. That’s a lot of articles to be written, however, if that’s what you want to do, go for it. I’ve continued to build my writing up and have begun writing for offline publications. It’s exciting and doable. I am also working on another book. If writing is your passion, nothing will get in the way. Happy writing for February!