The Writing Life IV: April

by — April 1, 2001 (Comments)

April is the month where Easter will be a big factor this year. It comes in the middle of the month so you will have a bit more time to have your article accepted. The time to submit is during December, however, each magazine is different and you need to obtain their guidelines. I submitted my article the end of December of a March publication. I am giving you a bit of a lead time so that if the publisher requests editing or something else from you, there will be time for you to accomplish it.

  1. Many years ago, I remember my grandmother spring housecleaning. Everything was taken out of cupboards, closets, nook and crannies I never knew existed and they were cleaned thoroughly. The wallpaper was scrubbed down with a piece of material that looked like an artists eraser, but was specifically for cleaning wallpaper. Do you see what I see? This is a big market. How to, everyone wants to know the best way to accomplish the worst tasks. Cleaning still has to be done and a thorough cleaning will get you through a lot of days where you just can’t do anything but the bare minimum.

  2. There are a lot of children and religious stories that can be written. Easter and children are very big for this month. Religious paintings and painters bios are interesting to follow.

  3. Real estate becomes popular, people either want a new place to live or they attend open houses for décor ideas. Shopping takes an upward turn. I remember reading in her diary that my grandmother didn’t get a new dress one Easter, but she did get a new hat. I used to sew mother and daughter dresses when my children were small (or at least the material matched), remember gingham? I bet that brings back memories. Thinking about the past and what we did and what we do now. A comparison is always an interesting angle.

  4. New books are coming out for summer reading. Jump on it, read a few of them and write reviews prior to summer (this is a current happening and probably could not go into your notebook for future reference, however, it would be relevant for the paperback edition when it comes out). This way you read what’s on the market and what people will be following so that you can slant your next set of articles in that direction or obtain new directional ideas.

  5. People who did not go on diets are beginning to panic. Bathing suit season is very, very, very close. What new diet are they pushing/advertising this year? Do you have a new slant on this problem? Recipes are always a good bet. What are the different Easter food traditions? Do you know? If you don’t, chances are someone else doesn’t either and it’s a good write. The more you realize you don’t know, the more you have to write about.

  6. Daylight Savings Time on April 1. No, that’s not a joke. Do you have an opinion on time? Professional Secretaries day is the 25th. And my grandmother’s birthday is the 23rd although she is not here to celebrate it. This would be a good time to make it a celebration. Bring out the pictures of your (great) grandmother, and introduce as much of her life to your (grand) children as possible. Write down what you remember of her stories, her life, and her times. This will be a great revelation to your (grand) children. This is their past and they are very much a part of it. It is important that they know it. I have an 18x22 inch picture of my grandmother’s sister, Stella, (picture taken 1900) framed and hanging on my wall. My grandchildren can see what she looked like, what she wore and the artist’s works of that time period. The story of Stella is another article.

  7. As previously mentioned, the history of our ancestor’s is something we should be aware and writing about for, not only our families, but to share with others who are not as fortunate to have these materials.

  8. The weather is another factor. I remember my grandmother saying many years ago that during the spring (and usually before Easter) there was always a devastating tornado. Most every year she has been right. I don’t know the statistics on this, but it seems to happen just that way. Another tale that was told, if it rains on Easter, you can expect it to rain the next 6 Sundays! Surprising, most of the time that one was correct also. How in the world did they do that? Our present weather persons should take lessons! Ok, low blow, sorry.

April showers bring May flowers!